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Sports Therapy Massage
What is Sports Therapy Massage?
Sports therapy massage is when pressure is applied to the muscles of the body using various techniques, these techniques relate to relaxation, stress relief and lymphatic drainage.
Sports therapy massage can benefit the individual in many different ways, take a look at how it can affect the tissues of the body:
Muscle Tissue
Muscle tone can be improved as the blood is moved to the treatment area bringing increased nutrition and removing waste products removing stiffness. Nodules in the muscles are broken down relieving tension.
Massage increases the blood supply to the periosteum and nourishes the bone and also helps to mobilise the joints.
Adipose Tissue
As heat speeds up chemical activity, the heat form massage warms adipose tissue and therefor metabolism is increased.
Nervous System
Percussion and vibration techniques stimulate sensory and spinal nerve endings, and stroking and effleurage techniques help to relax sensory nerve endings.
During massage the veins are emptied under pressure speeding up venous flow to the heart which in turn arterial flow gives a quicker return of oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues promoting an erythema. Speeding up lymph flow increases the absorption of waste products.
Improved circulation increases sebaceous gland activity by using techniques such as percussion and effleutage. The texture of the skin is also improved by exfoliating during massage.
What can massage be used for?
As massage has such effects on the tissues of the body it means the following can benefit form massage:
  • Sports injuries
  • Tired, weak muscles
  • Pre Workout Massage to stimulate the muscles
  • Back ache
  • Stress relief
  • Treatment of medical conditions (please contact for details)
  • After workout massage to regulate blood flow and release tension
What happens next?
During your massage consultation your therapist will discuss your treatment plan and this will be your opportunity to ask your therapist any questions you may have and also to tell the therapist of any contraindications.
Massage treatments can be performed by male and female therapists, either in the comfort of your own home or at one of our facilities.