JD FITNESS - You Bring The Effort, We'll Do The Rest
I've been a member of Bannatyne's Health Club for nine years, and have always struggled to get the results that I wanted despite attending regularly, and watching what I eat. Well, after a single year of weekly Personal Training, a proper healthy eating plan and tuition on fitness on where I was going wrong from JD Fitness I've surpassed my expectations and goals.
Instead of the gym being something I need to do, it's now an activity that I want to do, and in fact I feel lost if I'm unable to get my daily training session in. JD Fitness have been there every step of the way with encouragement, laughs, variety of activities (you can't beat the bunny hops or Spider-Man crawling for getting the heart rate up, and the smile across your face), and of course the desire to never give up.
Mark Ramsay
Like many I had been going to gyms for years spending a small fortune and thinking I was doing the right things but never really getting anywhere. Often my motivation would dwindle and the only thing getting lighter would be my wallet.  It wasn’t until I met JD and he showed me how to train properly and smarter using equipment properly and innovatively and because of his wealth of experience and knowledge (It’s amazing what he can do with an inflatable ball and some weights). I was also surprised at what I could achieve in a short period of time which encouraged me to keep going because I could see the changes in weigh, body shape and fitness levels. JD makes you feel at ease and works with you to achieve your goals, from overall body workouts to isolating particular areas, wherever they might be, in fun and effective way.
Recently I got a full MOT from my GP and was surprised that not only had I lost a lot of weight but also my blood pressure and heart rate are all in excellent condition now. I could not have done this without JD and it was worth every penny to have my health back.
I have been working out at different gyms for 12 years now after having spine surgery. I joined Bannantynes 6 years ago and found my body shape was not improving and I had lost all motivation. I decided to try some personal training with JD. That was over 2 years ago, and I was a unsure of what to expect. From the first session with JD he managed to build my confidence, show me that I can work harder when pushed.
JD is dedicated and passionate to help people achieve their goal and more! Every session with JD is different, he always plans ahead and knows exactly what machine/weights he is going to get me to use. JD has made me realise what I am capable of doing, and he encourages/supports me at all times. I can highly recommend!
June Anderson
I joined Bannatynes on 8th January 2009, being overweight I was going at least 3 times per week to try and loose some weight and get fit (I couldn't climb the stairs without being out of breath) 4 months down the line I did not see any results, which made me fed up and dishearten.   Fortunately one of the cleaning staff at Bannatynes who I always like to have a chat with told me to have a word with JD, so we had a chat and I went for an induction on 28th of May and have never looked back.   JD started me off doing CV then upper body weights, he also got me to write a food diary which helped, and he also gave me some recipes to try.   In the first 4 weeks I lost 11lbs and 4 inches of my hips, 4 inches of my thighs, 3 inches of my waist and 1 inch of my arms. We are now in the tenth week and I have lost 2 stone and feel great.   After the first week JD told me I would be running on the treadmill in six weeks time, and I was.....   JD has worked wonders, my fitness levels have improved and I even have a waist now (I have not had one of those in years!)   I meet JD 3-4 times a week and every session is different, I actually look forward to it. I would recommend JD to everyone, he is genuinely interested in helping you to reach your goals, and he encourages and supports you every time he works with you.
Kath Kirton
 In September  2009 I was feeling unfit and sluggish and decided a concerted effort was required to  get back to my normal level of fitness. I was already attending classes at the gym ( dance jam and spin) but was not getting the results I had hoped for. JD accepted me for personal training and I have never looked back . I had been in hospital for an operation and put on a stone in weight and felt depressed about myself. I had always been a fit person and I just could not push myself  to lose it. I was assessed and thought "oh my god I will never do it ", JD however instilled me with confidence . Under his guidance I worked hard and really looked forward to my classes. His encouragement and support was fantastic and with his experience and guidance the pounds and inches were reduced.If you are prepared to listen and put in the effort, then help is at hand I would 100% recommend him as a personal trainer
Sharon Chambers
It is thanks to JD’s expertise, understanding and patience, that I am healthier, fitter and leaner than I was 6months ago. He taught me that it’s not enough to love the body we’re in but to respect it too
The first time I was in a gym was on holiday in Plymouth at the age of 64. I enjoyed the experience so much that I joined Bannatynes in Dunfermline as a hobby in December 2001. I got my personal profile and continued going to the gym 2-3 times per week with regular reviews until in November 2003 the machines started to cut out as my heart rate was going too high. I approached my trainer who advised me to go to my doctor which I did and was very quickly diagnosed as needing major heart surgery. My surgeon truly believes that the reason my condition was diagnosed before I had a heart attack was due to early recognition by the gym trainer.Following my operation I returned to the gym and subsequently moved to Livingston branch where I met John Dunsmore as my personal trainer in July 2004. He continued my rehabilitation programme and gave me the confidence to keep pushing myself to ensure I maintained a good level of fitness and therefore healthy. He motivated me by gently encouraging increased activity and made the experience varied and fun which ensured I kept going at least 2-3 times per week. At one time he asked me to enter a competition that the gym were running for the person who burned the most calories in a month. As I am not generally the most confident of people and by this stage I was nearly 70 years of age and I decided that there was no point entering the competition. John however unbeknown to me had a different opinion and entered me surreptitiously and only admitted this half way through the competition when I was doing quite well. In the end I came 7 out of all entrants of every age. This gave me a huge confidence boost and I realised just how fit I had become.He continued to monitor me closely because of my history and I had every confidence that if he said I should attempt something that I could do it. John has since left Bannatynes to be an independent personal trainer but thanks to him I am now 74 years old and still very fit and enjoying the gym 2-3 times per week.I would like to give my personal thanks to John for giving me the confidence, tools and motivation to continue and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone as a personal trainer.
J Snodgrass
Having had surgery to my leg in December 2011 I was a little apprehensive about stepping back into the gym once given the all clear having put on a few pounds and feeling that my fitness level was now non-existent after 8 weeks out of action. That’s when I decided to enlist the expertise of John. John quickly established that my fitness wasn’t as bad as I’d thought so we got stuck in. The workouts aren’t that far removed from what I’d done previously. John increased the speeds, difficulty levels and weight and I’ve been able to see the results both in the gym, my wardrobe and the recent completion of a 10km run. My initial concerns with having a personal trainer was not the hour spent with John, but the times during the week that I’d have to do it on my own, would I be able to push myself without John’s encouragement? The answer is yes i enjoy coming to the gym and seeing the progress that you didn’t think would happen.There’s been lots of sweat and tears (mainly John crying with laughter at me), but I’m loving it and would unequivocally recommend that you stop thinking about contacting JD Fitness and just do it – he’s my ray of sadistic sunshine on a Sunday morning.
Sarah Louise
Having always been into fitness I began PT with Jacqueline during my 2 pregnancy to try and stay fit and healthy! Post birth Started training again at around 12 weeks and have really enjoyed my sessions and being pushed each week. JD fitness offer great nutritional advice as well as fitness and for the first time I can see my shape finally change for the better! Love working with the JD fitness team and would highly recommend
Fiona Bennett
Having been going to a gym for many years I found it easy to lose motivation with the same routine every time I went in. I was looking for class to go to as well but unsure what sort of class to do. I was recommended JD Fitness form someone who already went to a class on a Thursday night and haven’t looked back since. This is a personal training class in a group rather than individual, JD and his team are motivational and extra encouragement from the group will keep you going as well as the laughs that are had along with the hard work. You always have a different routine at each class working all areas of fitness. Always pushed to your own limit.
I have been attending classes at JD Fitness since before the summer and really haven’t looked back since. It’s taken me a while to get back into exercise since having my little boy and I certainly felt like I had lost confidence in what I could do. However, from joining the first class I was made to feel welcome and there is defiantly a team spirit and support to get you where you want to be. Love the Monday functional fitness class and I am feeling stronger and fitter as a result. The work doesn’t stop there, the motivational texts/FB videos and posts all help to keep focused and work towards your goals –couldn’t recommend JD, Jac and the team enough!
Lorraine Laing
Before I started going to the functional fitness class, Was going to the gym three four times a week, and I was training sometimes only own and felt I was not getting anywhere and not seeing gains I should be. Started to lose a wee bit of interest of going to the gym. Then I found out about the functional fitness class, that given me a new life line. The class provides a positive and supportive environment for anyone who wants to improve their fitness level. I have gained strength and endurance, each class has never been the same and there is no chance of boredom, and the JD fitness team always keep you on your toes, they make it a friendly and welcoming environment. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go.
Iain Cameron
My personal training sessions with JD fitness are always challenging, never boring and full of new ideas and techniques. They have given me the physique I want (although still working progress) and so much confidence both in the gym and in my own abilities. I would definitely recommend both personal training and the functional fitness class which is also challenging,fun and inventive.
Wendy Harris
Like others I was previously a member at Bannatynes and found that for as much as I thought I was reasonably fit for my age, when I joined up with JD Fitness I quickly saw that I was not as fit as I thought I was.
I did  3 groups of 10  one on one sessions with JD, who had said he would get me to where I wanted to be and achieve my goals and with hard work " the no pain, no gain" and he certainly got me to where I wanted to be. Over 2 years later I have continued with my fitness levels. The team of JD, Jac and Stuart will certainly get you where you want to be with their encouragement and their ability to change whatever class you are participating in each week to do something different. The good thing strangely enough is that they make it fun to participate and those that attend the classes are a great group of people.
Whether it be swinging through the trees at "Go Ape", or this year at "Rough Runner" or Christmas Nights Party Nights, JD Fitness is the place to be to enjoy keeping fit.
Alan Scott
Hard Work + Persistence + Expert Advice &Support + Consistency + Varied Physical Challenges = Success
This is the equation that the team at JD Fitness preach and put in practice, and it certainly works for me.
I started a block of Personal Training with John (JD) from JD Fitness over five years ago, originally in an effort to lose some much needed weight as my suits were starting to quake at my growing girth, and yet I was training more than twice a week at the gym!  The first thing JD did was to identify where I was going wrong with my diet and exercise regime, and in no short order I was leaner and stronger than I’d ever been.  Over the next few years we have continued to refine my goals in order to maximise not only my overall strength, but improve my general fitness such afashion that I am able to perform physical feats that I would never have attempted before.  Each workout programmes regularly updated and has been expertly tailored to my needs so that not only is it continuing to challenge me physically, but introduces new types of exercise; weightlifting, cross-fit, bodyweight movements etc.  Not only do my clothes now fit me, but I now have much better posture.  I have learned so much from JD, and he is always willing to share his expert knowledge and answer any questions I come up with.  His tips on nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear.  JD is energetic, fun, committed and inspirational… …and I can’t recommend him enough!
I never really been a fan of fitness classes in the past and have always preferred the solitude of training by myself.  However,I have been attending the Functional Fitness, Group Personal Training and Parent & Child Bootcamps with John (JD), Jacqueline (Jac) and Stuart for the past couple of yearsand they have proven the exception to my rule.  Not only does my body always feels like it’s had a thorough workout after one of these classes, but I continue to get a buzz from the enthusiastic and can-do-attitudes that they bring to every session. I like the mixture between strength, cardiovascular and endurance exercises that each class challenges me to overcome.  Each class brings something different to my weekly fitness routine:
Functional Fitness uses a differing range of equipment that trains my muscles to work together and helps prepare them for everyday activities safely and efficiently.  The class taxes various muscles that increase in the upper and lower body at the same time, whilst also greatly improving my core stability.
Group Personal Training is a form of Circuit Training that is not only a great team building class, but works the whole body at once and involves exercises with and without equipment.  Focusing on athletic performance over brute strength, this class not only has something for everyone no matter their fitness level, but encourages me do more of what I usually avoid when training by myself i.e. cardio.
Parent & Child Bootcamps may give the wrong impression from the title in that they are “easy”, but the JD Fitness team always make sure that the parents/adults get a full workout alongside the children.  Providing two different exercises at each station allows parents and children to train alongside one another and have fun together whilst getting fit.  Also, by training outside it is not only a really refreshing way to start the day, but allows children who might normally sit and play computer games all day to see that getting outside to exercise can be enjoyable too.  The JD Fitness team make sure that there is always a exciting game element to every Bootcamp so that even us adults sometimes forget that it’s a fitness class.  I always enjoy the Bootcamps and have even attended them when my niece and nephew have been unavailable.  The JD Fitness team’s ability to make exercise entertaining and demanding always slightly amazes me, and this is ably demonstrated by their ability to combine a group of kids, a ball pool, a treasure hunt, a ‘colliebuckie’ and water-slide to fashion an exercise routine. I have benefitted by becoming more energetic and a ‘cool uncle’ by participating in the Bootcamps.
Mark Ramsay